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Probably the fastest way to launch your brand in China - Interview with Miro Li, Founder of Double V

Updated: Jan 27

Long time no see! I know I've been MIA but I'm back... in black.

I am really excited to share this episode with you as I interviewed Miro Li, a specialist in Red (aka Xiao Hong Shu), China's fastest growing influencer's app. If you'd like some context, you could refer to it as an equivalent of Instagram but Red is also so much more! I've introduced Xiao Hong Shu in my previous episode but this one is fully dedicated to it.

Miro Li is a Native Chinese and has been living in Hong Kong for almost a decade. Graduated from one of the top 3 Universities in Hong Kong (CUHK), Miro joined a Chinese eCommerce startup and was in charge of overseas business development. In 2017, Miro co-founded Double V., a consulting company specialising in the most popular Chinese social commerce APP XiaoHongShu, and is now in charge of China Channels, Solutions and Operations.

Miro Li's linkedin page:

In this episode, we discussed brand strategies, target audience as well as alluded to how to launch a brand on Red. Miro's also kind enough to share her co-authored guide and please subscribe and leave your comment if you'd like a copy.

The most comprehensive guide to Xiao Hong Shu co-authored by Miro Li, Elaine Wong and Lauren Hallanan

Show notes:

1:40 Miro's journey

4:20 What is XiaoHongShu and why?

6:15 Which categories work well on Red?

11:05 XiaoHongShu's integration with Taobao and what it means?

14:04 Why is it easier for foreign brands to start on XiaoHongShu rather than any other social media platform

16:38 XiaoHongShu compared to other social media (Wechat), what's the advantage?

17:50 How does a brand engage KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) on XiaoHongShu?

20:00 How much budget should a brand allocate for KOLs on XiaoHongShu?

22:30 What forms of content should you go with?

25:14 What NOT to do on XiaoHongShu?

26:54 Biggest misconceptions Miro has come across when doing business in China

29:00 Miro's approach to launch a brand on Red

31:09 Miro's tips and advice for foreign brands entering China

What's Mentioned?

- Social Commerce

- Douyin (aka Tik Tok)

Food for thought:

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