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Don't expect to sell a container of booze on the spot in China - Hannah Keirl, Spirits Box

Come meet Hannah Keirl, my first female guest speaker ( I know... ) on the Qurious #China #podcast! Hannah has had a successful international career in bartending and hospitality across Australia, Spain, India and then decided to take her expertise with #Aussie #craft #spirits to China, finally!

Prior to founding Spirits Box, Hannah also co-founded the Global Bartender Exchange, a social media platform for bar industry professionals, which has 310, 000 plus active members across 26 countries.

Arriving in China in July 2017, Hannah has found her niche in working with Australia’s independent distillers through Spirits Box to share her passion and artisanship with the Chinese audience.

In this episode, I asked Hannah for her "secret recipe" of building a successful business on her own in China, how she identified her target audience, the strategy of growing her businesses to over 10 cities across China, and her view on different types of beverages including #wines, #Baijiu as well as comparing two major countries, which are China and India.

Hannah is happy to be reached out on or on Wechat by ID: hannahkeirl

Without further ado, here’s Hannah Keirl and her Spirits Box.

Show notes:

1:53: - Hannah's self introduction and her China story

6:35: - Hannah's initial preparation prior to formal entry

11:54 - How did Hannah identify her target audience?

19:18 - How China drinks and how Hannah learnt about it?

23:02 - How Hannah explains Aussie spirits in Chinese terms

25:40 - Hannah's observation of the Chinese drinking culture

31:28 - Different characteristics of different cities in terms of foreign alcohol consumption

34:40 - Observation of the wine industry in China

38:48 - Spirits Box's marketing strategy in China

44:04 - Online strategy and other channels

48:10 - Main difference between China and India markets

51:54 - Hannah's 3 pieces of advice for doing business in China and how to reach out

What's mentioned and extended reading:

The legal website Hannah found useful:

#HipHop in China -;

#Baijiu - see my previous post's extended reading here.

Goji Berry

Ganbei Culture

Chinese cities mentioned: Wuhan, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenyang, Beijing,

Fujian (province), Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Suzhou.

KOL and media website: - eCommerce (C2C), part of the Alibaba Group - Customer to customer meal ordering services

Didi - ride sharing app By the way, Didi's officially in Australia now!


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