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"Australian Boards Should Have More Executives with CQ (China Intelligence)", Peter Arkell

It took me a while to finally speak to Peter and present to you this #podcast. I had a technical meltdown the first time when I had the chance to speak to him face to face but things didn't work out and I was pretty distraught. Peter however was so generous with his time and gave me a second chance to speak to him when he's back in #Shanghai.

Needless to say that Peter harbours broad industry experience and expertise in human resources, particularly in the #mining industry. I got to learn from his extensive knowledge and observations over the years, especially about the changing dynamics in the #human resources industry of three focus group: Western executives, overseas returnees and aspiring local talents.

Peter also provided some really keen advice on how China should be regarded, especially from the boards of the #ASX200 companies, which came in great timing as the #AusChina relations has gotten a bit frosty.

You may reach out to Peter on whether you'd need his service or just pick his brains. You can also check out his new website at

Show notes:

2:04 - Intro and Peter's China (Taiwan/Mainland) Journey

10:53 - How Peter entered the industry

16:39 - Traits and characteristics valued in talents, especially in business

22:51 - The "doubts" towards China

26:29 - The #ASX200 boards should have more CQ - China Intelligence

30:10 - The way to work with overseas Chinese students domestically

32:40 - Change of the dynamics in the talent pool

39:20 - Whether technology has impacted headhunting

41:01 - *Error* The Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation was first introduced in 2014 by Premier Li Keqiang instead of 2015

41:24 - Do more and more Chinese people want to work for themselves?

44:17 - Whether "AI" will impact the labour market?

47:13 - Peter's tips and advice for doing business in China

50:46 - How to reach out to Peter

52:06 - Upcoming plans and events

What's mentioned and the extended reading?

Hai Gui - Overseas returnees and the pronunciation of which is the same as "sea-turtle" in Chinese


Premier Li: Innovation provides equal opportunity for all

The Global Association of China (GMAC) and its upcoming events which Peter chairs

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